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Create "Oh My God, She's In My Head" Content That Converts Every. Single. Time.

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120+ Fill-in-the-Blank Content Hooks

80+ Evergreen Story Prompts

25+ Converting Visibility Strategies

Evergreen Caption Template

Feeling like your Instagram is a ghost town, despite you staring at your IG feed for 100 hours a day? You're not alone.

The secret to a thriving Instagram presence isn't endless content creation, it's Confidence, Clarity, and Conversion. That's the magic formula at the heart of everything I do. I created this Instagram Strategy Framework so you can stop posting into the void and start attracting aligned clients that are ready to open their wallets.

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IG Audit

Social Brand Kit

30 Custom Canva Templates

Instagram Strategy Framework Trello

Your offers are bangin' but your audience isn't bitin'?? I'm here to help, babe! This content catalyst will solve 100% of your IG problems with 0% of the hassle.

If I had to guess, it's not the algorithm's fault that your Insta connections are lacking. It's probably because there is a missing piece to your strategy. Send me the juicy details of your offer, tell me all about your aligned client, and I'll craft the most gorgeous, custom Instagram strategy for you to use over and over so you can finally connect with your audience and watch your business thrive!

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Instagram Bio

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Is your Instagram stuck on repeat? Not getting the visibility you deserve? The Instagram Audit dives deep into your profile, analyzing your bio, highlight bubbles, pinned posts, and content. I'll identify all the spots you can improve and give action steps to take your Instagram presence to the next level so you can stop feeling frustrated and finally attract your dream audience.

THIS IG STRATEGY VAULT IS A GAMECHANGER!!!! I am so excited, it is going to be so impactful for my content this summer. Thank you for creating this. I will never run out of ideas again.

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Website Design

 → Social Brand Kit

→ Fully Optimized 5 Page Site Design

→ Luxury Support + Communication

→ Custom Training For Your Site

→ One Free Month of ShowIt

You've outgrown the website that was made by a random dude on Fivver and the logo that you DIY'd in Canva. It's been holding you back. It's time to trade up for an experience that screams luxury, confidence, and conversion. A brand and website that's the perfect reflection of the wildly successful woman you are.

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IG Strategy Trello

This Instagram Strategy Framework ignites your High Vibe Honey magic with fill-in-the-blank content hooks, evergreen story prompts, and proven visibility strategies. Captivate aligned clients with soul-resonating content, overflowing ideas, and leadership that shines - it's time to go from "oh, she's good" to "I'm hiring her right freaking now!"

 → 120+ Fill-in-the-Blank Content Hooks

→ 80+ Evergreen Story Prompts

→ 25+ Converting Visibility Strategies

→ Evergreen Caption Template

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 → Six Month Coaching Program 

→ Bi-Weekly Group Coaching 

→ Group Voxer Chat

→ Video Curriculum

→ Dozens of Empowerment Exercises

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The only high-vibe mastermind for the biz bestie ready to turn her passion into a wildly profitable business. Ditch the hustle, embrace ease, and radiate confidence as you build your dream client base and rewrite the rules of success on your own terms. Are you a trailblazer ready to manifest your empire? This is your time.

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meet miranda

My office smells like Nag Champa 100% of the time and I have a disco ball that rotates 24 hours a day to help keep the vibes high. I cannot start my day without puppy kisses from my best girl, Aspen - our rescue pittie. I live in East Tennessee with my wildly talented husband, Alex, who is a nationally touring musician.
I literally always have a smile on my face and my love language is Words of Affirmation. I was put on this earth to help women find joy, passion, and abundance in every part of their life.

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