This 1:1/self-led hybrid intensive program takes you from "I want to start a business..." to "oh my god, how am I already making this much money?!" in twelve weeks. You will leave with all the tools you need to live a life of purpose, freedom, and clarity.

Let's figure out the mindset shifts you are needing to make to build this new life, I'll help you build the most profitable offer suite, we will design the most kickass branding, and then I'll teach you how to sell the hell out of your new offers via Instagram! In twelve weeks, you'll have a fully running business that is making your payment notification bell go off like a winning slot machine.



$450/month x 6 or $2500 PIF
twelve week self-led group coaching program
*lifetime* access to courses and workbooks
1 x 90 minute 1:1 Google Meet call
12 weeks of unlimited Voxer support
custom branding
custom content plan
visibility strategy
IG story strategy
BONUS: The Aligned Hustle Course
BONUS: My Master Trello Template
BONUS: 3 Months of CCS Membership

i was made for this!

vip day

Your offers are bangin' but your audience isn't bitin'??
I'm here to help, babe! This content catalyst will solve 100% of your IG problems with 0% of the hassle.

If I had to guess, it's not the algorithm's fault that your Insta connections are lacking. It's probably because there is a missing piece to your strategy. Send me the juicy details of your offer, tell me all about your aligned client, and I'll craft the most gorgeous, custom Instagram strategy for you to use over and over!



$497 PIF
lifetime access to your deliverables
in-depth, strategic IG audit
30 custom, high-converting content hooks
posting strategy
visibility strategy
story strategy
basic social media brand kit
30 customizable, on brand Canva templates

kickstart your ig conversion

feed your head

The abundant, freedom-filled life of your dreams isn't going to be found in that cubicle. It's time for You 2.0.

Every online CEO needs Confidence, Clarity, and Content. These three offers will get you started.

The Confident CEO Society

Made For This

The Aligned Hustle



my name is miranda - 

Welcome to the Miranda Leach Collective, where 9-5 is a thing of the past, and living a freedom-filled life of joy, passion, and abundance is the only way to roll. I'm here to rewrite the rules and redefine success.

I created The Collective with one mission in mind: to empower ambitious babes like you to embrace your unique vibe, unleash that creativity bubbling within, and build a wildly profitable business that's a true reflection of your values and aspirations. Whether you're taking your first steps into entrepreneurship, executing a seasoned CEO pivot, or simply yearning for personal growth and fulfillment, consider yourself covered.

I'm your guide, your cheerleader, and the most optimistic bitch you'll ever meet. Hang out with me, and you'll start to romanticize your life, tossing around words like "vibe" and "manifest" as if they were confetti. Your worth and desires will become crystal clear, and you'll start making a boatload of money in your biz, bringing the dream life you've always craved into reality.

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