The last time someone asked, "What's your website? I want to check out your services!" did you cringe? Did you make up an excuse as to why you couldn't send them a link? I get it. And I'm here to help. 

Your business is ready for a custom branding & website adventure - dipped in luxury, drenched in strategy, & sprinkled with a million "omg, I'm obsessed" moments from the moment you apply to the final handover.

You're in the right place and I'm ready to work!
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I'm a 26 year old web designer (+ yes.. I do have my degree in brand + website design) I am a traveler, singer, dreamer, margarita lover, and boss bitch with some pretty huge goals. Catch me working in front of the TV, in my home office, or from a tour bus traveling down the interstate. No matter where I am, Miranda Leach Collective is pumping out stunning designs for badass, service based entrepreneurs.

Meet your aesthetic hype girl, Miranda!

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You need an aesthetic brand like.. yesterday. You don't know how it's all going to come together, but you're confident in one thing: you're in the right place to get what you want.

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single page site

Need a website that's as fabulous as you are but don't want to break the bank or drown in endless details? Introducing our Single Page Site Design – a game-changer for the boss babe who knows what she wants but doesn't need the whole shebang.

Imagine this: a sleek landing page with all the essentials – a sassy "home" section that sets the tone, an about section where your story unfolds, a services section to showcase your magic, and a contact section to keep the connection flowing. It's simplicity with a custom twist, designed for the CEO on the rise who's ready to make a statement without the website overwhelm.

This is your digital home base – simple, impactful, and uniquely you. Let's turn your online presence into a vibe that speaks volumes, even on a budget. Your dream website is just a single click away! 

the details:

Custom design of Home, About, Services, + Contact sections on ONE landing page

Support with the copy and elements on the site

Branding is NOT included in this price. You'll need to provide or add the $200 branding package on

Fully mobile and desktop optimized design

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(or 3 payments of $499)

Luxury support including: favicon setup, domain setup, & Basic ShowIt Training Tutorial via Zoom during the final hand-off

One FREE month of your ShowIt membership for new members

the details:

6 Page Website: Home, About, Services, Contact, & One Long-Form Sales Page, and Social Link page

Custom, Aligned Branding: Brand Board, Color Palette, Font Options, & Word Mark Logo

Fully mobile and desktop optimized

Copy Templates, Prep Work Checklists, & Full Service Communication

Luxury support including: favicon setup, domain setup, & Basic ShowIt Training Tutorial via Zoom during the final hand-off

One FREE month of your ShowIt membership for new members

custom brand + website

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(or 6 payments of $420)

This is the holy grail for the online CEO who's serious about making a statement. Imagine this: a home page that welcomes with open arms, an about page that tells your story like never before, a services page that showcases your magic, and a contact page to keep the connection flowing. But wait, there's more (in my best Billy Mays voice) – a fully built-out sales page that turn visitors into clients + a social link page that weaves into your digital presence seamlessly.

From your brand colors and font choices, to the messaging and the client journey, every lil inch of your website has an influence on your aligned clients saying "HELL YES!" when it comes to working with you.

Let's face it... no matter how incredible your offers are, how big your Insta following is, or how groovy your client experience may be, nothing sells like an intuitive website and if you can’t be found or paid, you may as well not exist at all. 

You're not just getting a website; you're getting an experience. Let's craft a digital masterpiece that resonates with your energy and captivates your most aligned clients. Your journey to the next level starts here – invest in your brand, elevate your vibe!

the details:

font-based logo

custom color palette

two logo variations

three font choices

branded design elements

everything is done within Canva for social media EASE

social brand kit

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Stir up the ultimate magic potion for your online business. The Social Brand Kit  is the key to unlocking your brand's aesthetic personality. Picture this: a font-based logo that's as iconic as you, two logo variations, a color palette that screams "YOU," three fonts (because options make everything more fun!), and to top it off, whimsical branded design elements that'll have your audience saying, "Yes, please, more of THAT!"

Say goodbye to bland and hello to brand magic. Life gets EASIER when you have a brand kit to follow. Seriously - imagine being able to open up Canva and immediately know how your graphics should look and what to include on your website!

P.S. - Want to add on a branded Canva templates or an IG audit? Shoot me a message and we will build you a custom bundle!

template collection

Feeling really adventurous? Or maybe you're a web designer looking for a time-saving alternative to designing from scratch? My Site Canvas Collection of over 160 templates is all yours! Create your own site or customize sites for your clients over and over without the hassle of a single blank canvas brain freeze!

You're a DIY girlie at heart, and know you can master anything this entrepreneur life throws at you! I freaking love that about you.

The beauty of these templates? They're completely customizable. Swap out the fonts, the pics, the colors, and the copy to create the website you've been dreaming about.

the details:

Easy to use and customize ShowIt website templates

One FREE month of your ShowIt membership for new members

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160+ ShowIt Site Canvases already designed and mobile optimized for you

A stunning website that converts your audience to clients with every click

Confidence to show up online because you finally have the branding & website to back you up

A steady stream of clients that fully align with your vibe because it's clear as day in your branding

A custom, luxurious experience from start to finish that will make you believe that magic really does exist 

Branding that gives you the warmest, happiest, most high frequency vibes

Your dream website is just a click away...


Let's build the website you've been dreaming of since Day 1

get seen, paid, and remembered