Welcome to the Miranda Leach Collective, where 9-5 is a thing of the past, and living a freedom-filled life of joy, passion, and abundance is the only way to roll. I'm here to rewrite the rules and redefine success.

I created The Collective with one mission in mind: to empower ambitious babes like you to embrace your unique vibe, unleash that creativity bubbling within, and build a wildly profitable business that's a true reflection of your values and aspirations. Whether you're taking your first steps into entrepreneurship, executing a seasoned CEO pivot, or simply yearning for personal growth and fulfillment, consider yourself covered.

I'm your guide, your cheerleader, and the most optimistic bitch you'll ever meet. Hang out with me, and you'll start to romanticize your life, tossing around words like "vibe" and "manifest" as if they were confetti. Your worth and desires will become crystal clear, and you'll start making a boatload of money in your biz, bringing the dream life you've always craved into reality.

full time dreamer
part time caffeine addict

hey babe! I'm miranda.

Why choose me? Because, babe: I am the freaking VIBE. Funky, fun, and undeniably groovy—I'm your disco princess with a passion for success that rivals my love for mimosas on the back patio of our mountain home. On tour with my husband's band or holding strategy sessions in my cozy, boho office, I'm ALWAYS a vibe. And so are you.

People gravitate towards me because I bring the good vibes. I'm not just ridiculously optimistic; I'm an Aquarius and an enneagram 3 who sees the positives in everything. I don't just love money; I adore it. And, oh, bragging on myself? It's a pastime. I'm here to infuse your journey with passion, guide you to success, and turn your business into a life changing, money making machine.

Welcome to Miranda Leach Collective, where we're not just creating businesses; we're crafting a lifestyle that's as fabulous as you are. Let's vibe, manifest, and make those dreams a reality together.

Literally anything over 70° -- rain or shine

FAVORITE weather

Feminine + free-spirited, dipped in luxury

design style

Mimosa.. light on the OJ ;)

Beverage of choice

Aquarius Sun | Aries Moon | Cancer Rising

my big three

Vanderpump Rules

current fave tv show

5/1 Projector

human design Type

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Sunshine hitting my disco ball
Creative conversations
Quiet time in the morning
My ever-changing vision board
A well-made marg
Women doing what makes their soul happy

obsessed with...

fave tunes...

wildly inspired by...

Cozy mornings, watching TV
To-do lists & mind maps
Gorgeous branding
Dreaming about the future
Manifesting my dream life

Nathaniel Rateliff
Taylor Swift
Mumford & Sons
Grateful Dead
Simon & Garfunkel
Brenton Wood

I believe that success in the online space comes from a perfect blend of self-discovery, brand clarity, + biz strategy.

my values + methodology







From groovy brand aesthetics to out-of-the-box strategies, my goal is to ignite your creative spark. My methods encourage you to infuse your business with unique touches that set you apart, ensuring a brand that not only resonates but stands out on the digital dance floor.

I don't just follow trends; I set them. My wealth-building strategies are not only effective but pioneering. From cutting-edge marketing techniques to forward-thinking financial plans, I innovate for our success.

Ease is my mantra. I believe in creating a business that flows effortlessly. My methods streamline processes, simplify decision-making, and ensure that the journey to high-five figures feels like moonwalking through the disco lights—effortless.

Clarity is not just a goal; it's a vibrant experience. I guide you in crafting a clear vision for your brand that pulsates with energy. Your messaging, visuals, and mission become a harmonious symphony that resonates with your audience.

No more guesswork. I'll provide actionable steps that are crystal clear. My methods break down complex strategies into manageable steps, ensuring that every move you make is intentional and aligned with your CEO Era goals.

Authenticity is my currency. The Collective fosters a culture of genuine celebration within our community. Your wins are not just acknowledged; they're celebrated with a disco-ball sparkle. I've created an environment where authenticity and collaboration thrive.

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The abundant, freedom-filled life of your dreams isn't going to be found in that cubicle. It's time for You 2.0.

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