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Girlfriend, you need someone to stand by you and with you in this crazy entrepreneurial world, and I'm here to be your biz bestie!! You wanna talk daily about your life and business? I have an offer for that. Need to workout your next launch? There's an offer for that, too. About to release a kickass offer and need someone to cheer you on? I got you!

Custom branding & website adventures await you! Each offer is dipped in luxury, drenched in strategy, & sprinkled with a million "omg, I'm obsessed" moments from the moment you apply to the final handover of your designs.

Your biz deserves aesthetics that are as sexy as your offers, and I'm here to give you just that!

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You've followed all the tips and tricks. You've saved all the caption prompts. You half-assed a DIY brand kit on Canva so you'd have some kind of consistency, but now you have no idea how to utilize it. You have absolutely ZERO clue what to post on your feed daily, let alone what to post on stories and what to do about engagement.

Your one stop shop for all things DIY! Scope out all the courses currently available, grab a new website template, look around at each of the Instagram packages offered, or maybe pickup a bundle with a little of everything! Whatever you're looking for, the Products page is the page for you if you're more of a DIY girlie!

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You've got a get-to-do list that's a mile long, and I'm here to get it done so you don't have to! You deserve to stay focused on the pieces of your biz that light you up with passion and excitement, not the nitty gritty details that can bog down the flow of your most meaningful work.
You sit back and dream, and I'll make those dreams come to life, babe.

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I'm your new biz bestie, Miranda.

I'm the most optimistic b*tch you'll ever meet, and I do come with a warning label: when you start hanging out with me, you will start romanticizing your life, using the words "vibe" & "manifest" all too much, you'll realize your worth and desires, and in turn, you'll start making a shit ton of money in your biz and living the life you've always dreamed of.

My clients have literally turned my name into a verb: "Mirandize" which means, "to make things more aesthetically pleasing and on brand." I honestly take that as the HIGHEST compliment and try to Mirandize everything I work on!

Whether I'm out on tour with my husband's band, or sipping a mimosa on the back patio of our mountain home, I am ALWAYS thinking about how to better help my clients become the main character of their lives.  

I’m absolutely obsessed with brand aesthetics, manifestation, and social media strategies, so buckle up, babe: your life is about to change!

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I'm dropping in your inbox twice a week to give you some encouragement, accountability, and advice. Oh, and first dibs (+ discounts) on allll the new offers and products I roll out!

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Join the 160+ cash queens who are ready to level up their business and mindset! With daily encouragement, accountability, challenges, and more, I know you'll enjoy this free community!


I want you to know how impressed I am with the last few weeks of working with you, especially compared to brand and web designers I’ve worked with in the past. I am so excited about all we’ve accomplished and I’m impressed by your vision and how you’ve come to know me and embody the vision I had for my branding and website. I can’t imagine having to do this without you!

I want you to know how impressed I am...

Marcie (1:1 Voxer Coaching & Website Design)

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I'm Miranda (AKA the queen of converting content to cash and making your branding as badass as your biz)!!

Helping female CEOs create a visual brand identity that is aligned and authentic to their soul and vision is kinda, sorta my biggest passion in life.

There's nothing like seeing a boss babe's biz explode once she steps into the branding she was meant to have.

Whether you're looking for a brand kit, a new website, branding for your social media, or a little bit of everything... I've got you babe.


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