You don't need to post 10 times a day, or spend hours practicing the dance for a viral reel, or follow and unfollow every person you see on your feed to "boost" engagement.

In fact, you shouldn't be doing any of that.

the algorithm doesn't hate you...
your aligned audience just can't find you

in case you were wondering...

i need ig help!

You've followed all the tips and tricks. You've saved all the caption prompts. You half-assed a DIY brand kit on Canva so you'd have some kind of consistency, but now you have no idea how to utilize it. You have absolutely ZERO clue what to post on your feed daily, let alone what to post on stories and what to do about engagement.

You want to be able to post on insta and make $$$$!

Does this sound a little familiar?

yeah.. this sounds familiar...


Not quite ready to commit to a DFY package or strategy session? No biggie!

There are plenty of awesome DIY options in our shop so you can start working on your new social media plan today!

From brand kits to IG templates, and content planning spreadsheets to social media strategy Trello boards... we've got what you're looking for!

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social ceo brand kit


30 Days of DFY Socials


IG Strategy power hour

the ultimate ig bundle



friend zoned to booked out

What's Included:
  • 45 minute strategy call to get a vibe for your new branding
  • color palette
  • highlight covers
  • IG templates including stories, posts, and reels covers
  • font choices
  • a brand guide so you know how to utilize all of your new branding on social media
**everything is done in Canva Pro**

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What's Included:
  • 30 minute call so I can learn all about your offers
  • 30 attention-grabbing hooks that will convert your viewers to piping hot leads
  • 30 scroll-stopping graphics that directly correspond to your offers and align with the branding you currently have in place for your business
**you must have branding in place**
What's Included:
  • IG bio and feed audit
  • pinned post audit & advice
  • highlight bubble audit and advice
  • IG story strategy
  • IG engagement strategy
  • posting plan that will be sure to grab the attention of your most aligned audience members and turn them into paying clients
What's Included:
  • all of the incredible deliverables included in the Social CEO Brand Kit to get your feed looking cohesive and aligned with your biz
  • all the sexy strategy of the IG Strategy Power Hour so you can immediately start to see
  • the juicy DFY content included in the 30 Days of DFY Socials!!!
A Kickass Masterclass with three modules including:
  • the ways you've friend zoned your audience (so you can avoid doing it again)
  • how to tell if your audience has friend zoned you (so you know how to see the signs in advance going forward)
  • how to get OUT of the friend zone and back into the HOT HOT HOT zone that will make you all the money

I'm your new biz bestie, Miranda.

I'm the most optimistic b*tch you'll ever meet, and I do come with a warning label: when you start hanging out with me, you will start romanticizing your life, using the words "vibe" & "manifest" all too much, you'll realize your worth and desires, and in turn, you'll start making a shit ton of money in your biz and living the life you've always dreamed of.

My clients have literally turned my name into a verb: "Mirandize" which means, "to make things more aesthetically pleasing and on brand." I honestly take that as the HIGHEST compliment and try to Mirandize everything I work on!

Whether I'm out on tour with my husband's band, or sipping a mimosa on the back patio of our mountain home, I am ALWAYS thinking about how to better help my clients become the main character of their lives.  

I’m absolutely obsessed with brand aesthetics, manifestation, and social media strategies, so buckle up, babe: your life is about to change!

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I'm Miranda (AKA the queen of converting content to cash and making your branding as badass as your biz)!!

Helping female CEOs create a visual brand identity that is aligned and authentic to their soul and vision is kinda, sorta my biggest passion in life.

There's nothing like seeing a boss babe's biz explode once she steps into the branding she was meant to have.

Whether you're looking for a brand kit, a new website, branding for your social media, or a little bit of everything... I've got you babe.


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