Every CEO has a running to do list..
and the VIP Design Day is here to save the day!
Get a full day of customized work done for you, so you can spend more time focusing on your kickass clients and life!

your days should be spent doing all the things you love about your biz

Introducing: the vip design day

let's get it done!

Whether you need some tweaks made to your website or you're finally ready to get that opt-in designed, the VIP Design Day is perfect for shooting your business into expansion without the long waits and drawn out timelines.

Book just ONE day and I'll give those pesky, but necessary tasks in your business the attention and love they deserve. This offer is ideal for CEOs needing their to-do list checked off quickly while still getting the incredible attention to detail and luxurious experience they crave.

Ditch the get-to-do list,
and get it all done in ONE DAY

let's get this sh!T done, babe.

I'm ready to Book

the vip design day


let's do this thing!

There are sooo many things you love about your business: your clients, the freedom of being your own boss, the gorgeous offers you've created, and the kickass income that comes with doing what sets your soul on fire.

BUT... that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and daisies all the time!

I know all about that running get-to-do list you have (and the headache you get when you think about the time it will take you to check them all off)!

Those pesky little things like:
  • building out a landing page for your newest offer
  • rebranding your aesthetics to match your new vibe
  • creating a link tree web page that matches your brand and gets your leads to convert
  • transferring your current site to a new web host
  • designing the ebook that you wrote six months ago but haven't had the time to brand and release
  • putting together the slide deck for the webinar you KNOW will make you $$$
  • creating a one-stop-shop webpage that has everything your aligned audience needs access to
  • brainstorming social media content and creating all the graphics and caption hooks that go along with it
  • strategizing and designing passive products or opt-ins that align with your offers

Sound familiar, babe?

I'm here to help! And you wouldn't BELIEVE what I can get done in a few hours. I cannot wait to take the load off you and get these things accomplished.

Have something you want to work on that's not on this list? Just ask! I bet we can make it happen, girlfriend.

The Details

  • A FULL work day of tunnel-vision design and strategy work by me
  • Gain DAYS of work back by offloading you most time-consuming tasks
  • One week of Voxer support regarding the tasks we work on after your VIP Design Day
payment plans as low as $466 available

"Best decision I could've made..."

Miranda took an idea and a Pinterest mood board, and turned it into my dream webpage. Now I have a one-stop-shop that calls in my most aligned clients. Best decision I could have made for my biz was to hire her for a VIP Client Day! She upleveled my entire business.

I'm your new biz bestie, Miranda.

I'm the most optimistic b*tch you'll ever meet, and I do come with a warning label: when you start hanging out with me, you will start romanticizing your life, using the words "vibe" & "manifest" all too much, you'll realize your worth and desires, and in turn, you'll start making a shit ton of money in your biz and living the life you've always dreamed of.

My clients have literally turned my name into a verb: "Mirandize" which means, "to make things more aesthetically pleasing and on brand." I honestly take that as the HIGHEST compliment and try to Mirandize everything I work on!

Whether I'm out on tour with my husband's band, or sipping a mimosa on the back patio of our mountain home, I am ALWAYS thinking about how to better help my clients become the main character of their lives.  

I’m absolutely obsessed with brand aesthetics, manifestation, and social media strategies, so buckle up, babe: your life is about to change!

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I'm Miranda (AKA the queen of converting content to cash and making your branding as badass as your biz)!!

Helping female CEOs create a visual brand identity that is aligned and authentic to their soul and vision is kinda, sorta my biggest passion in life.

There's nothing like seeing a boss babe's biz explode once she steps into the branding she was meant to have.

Whether you're looking for a brand kit, a new website, branding for your social media, or a little bit of everything... I've got you babe.


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