Whether you need some tweaks to your website or you're finally ready to get that opt-in designed, The VIP Design Day is perfect for shooting your business into expansion without the long waits and drawn out timelines.

Book just ONE day and I'll give your business the attention and love it deserves. This offer is ideal for CEOS needing their to-do list checked off quickly while still getting the incredible attention to detail and luxurious experience they crave.

Ditch the mile long to-do list, and get it all done in ONE  DAY

let's get this sh!T done, babe.

Let's go!

I'm a 25 year old brand and web designer, traveler, singer, dreamer, margarita lover, and boss bitch with some pretty huge goals. Catch me working in front of the TV, in my home office, or from a tour bus traveling down the interstate. No matter where I am, Miranda Leach Collective is pumping out stunning designs for bad ass entrepreneurs.

Meet your brand and web hype girl,
Miranda Leach

"Mind. Blown."

"Working with Miranda on a VIP Design Day was absolutely game changing for my business. Seriously... mind. blown. I can't believe all she was able to accomplish in one day! I've spent the last 3 months trying to chip away at this list of things, and she knocked them out so quickly while still giving the highest quality work and the most luxurious experience! I would HIGHLY recommend a VIP Design Day to anyone who has been procrastinating the design tasks in their biz. Let it go, give it to Miranda, sit back, and reap the rewards!"

The VIP Design Day

your investment:

What it includes:

6 hours of tunnel visioned design work -- literally any and all design work you need done

let's get it done!


1.   Custom Brand Kit
2.  Course Slideshows
3.  Worksheets // Workbooks
4.  Flyers // Stationary
5.  Social Media Graphics
6.  Business Cards
7.  Website Refresh
8.  Additional Web Pages
9.  Landing Page 
10.  Anything else you can dream up!

I'm ready to roll!

just a few of the things we can accomplish:

All of those things you've been putting off for weeks...

done in one day.

Do I need to be available the day of?

100%. Please do your best to be available during the full six hours. We will be communicating back and forth all day to stay on the same page and make sure your feedback is being utilized during our time together. The more available you are, the more we can accomplish!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have done ahead of time?

Before our awesome VIP Design Day, I'll need the full design wishlist from you (preferably in order of importance). This will help me know how much time each project will take and how to structure my day. I'll also need any and all copy, images, videos, graphics, brand guidelines, etc. If I don't have all the necessary information or content from you, we will need to reschedule which may result in longer wait times as I only accept a few VIP Design Days each month.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes! There are a couple different payment plans for the VIP Design Day package. You can either pay all at once or pay 50% when you book and 50% on the day of your booked design date.

let's make it happen!

Take the leap. Trust in yourself. Believe in your growth.
You ARE ready for this.
You DESERVE to have a brand that feels true and aligned.
Join me. Let's dream together and create

Let's get that to-do list checked off so you can move on to your zone of genius.

I'm Miranda (AKA the queen of converting content to cash and making your branding as badass as your biz)!!

Helping female CEOs create a visual brand identity that is aligned and authentic to their soul and vision is kinda, sorta my biggest passion in life.

There's nothing like seeing a boss babe's biz explode once she steps into the branding she was meant to have.

Whether you're looking for a brand kit, a new website, branding for your social media, or a little bit of everything... I've got you babe.

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