You can have it all. In your business. In your life. In whatever the fuck you want to do. You never have to choose or settle.

You deserve to be ridiculously wealthy. You are allowed to make big waves and have crazy impact. Your audience is craving what you have to offer.  Your days can be spent watching re-runs of Vanderpump Rules or adventuring across Europe.

You have the ability to live whatever life you want to.


Start making life-changing money

Design a groovy business that is so fun for you to run because it was built from a place of love and ease

Be obsessed with your offers and marketing your brand - and be damn good at it, too

Go full speed in the direction of your dreams until one day you're living your best life and you'll say, "woah.. I did it"

Develop the abundance mindset that will turn your vision board into a damn Jumanji game -- bring it to life, baby!!

my mission is to empower and inspire you to:

Feel like shooting out of bed every morning because your life is everything you wanted and more

I have invested over $8000 with another coach in the past for a seven month container, but my 6 weeks with Miranda for a third of the cost was WAY more impactful. I'm leaving our six weeks feeling so ready to go in my business. We've cleared all of the noise from my head. I don't need to do anymore research on my branding, my aligned audience, my offers, nothing. I just feel like Made For This has been the perfect package. Anyone who takes this program is so lucky. MTF is expansive and life changing. What an experience!! I've learned something new every day!

"miranda is a marketing genius! I will be a client for life."

Aleasha (Made For This - six weeks)

I wouldn't have had the success in my business at this speed and capacity if it weren't for your coaching. I am so grateful. You've taught me that it's not only okay but AMAZING to be paid for my brilliance. That I don't have to feel bad or less than for speaking my truth. I've learned so so much from you and I simply wouldn't have this business without you. I can't believe that we've been working together for a year! This time last year, I was in a very different place and it's all thanks to you. The minute we started working together, I knew my life was going to change. I can't believe I'm going to hit six-figures before the end of the year. I haven't even had my courses launched for 8 months. I look professional. I feel professional. And that is because of your coaching and you reminding me that I'm in this world to do something impactful. This is the most and fastest money I've ever made. This is life changing for me and I can finally envision my dream future. Thank you.

"I am completely blown away."

Marcie (1:1 Coaching - 11 months and counting)

If you're ready to up-level your online business, I highly recommend Made For This. This experience has been nothing short of transformative. With Miranda's 1:1 guidance and the courses/workbooks, I was able to book my first client, confidently show up on my socials, and create a business that perfectly aligns with my vision—all in just 6 weeks. Investing in Made For This was the best decision I could've made for my business!

"I Can't recommend made for this enough!"

Rachel (Made For This - 6 weeks)



my name is miranda - 

Welcome to the Miranda Leach Collective, where 9-5 is a thing of the past, and living a freedom-filled life of joy, passion, and abundance is the only way to roll. I'm here to rewrite the rules and redefine success.

I created The Collective with one mission in mind: to empower ambitious babes like you to embrace your unique vibe, unleash that creativity bubbling within, and build a wildly profitable business that's a true reflection of your values and aspirations. Whether you're taking your first steps into entrepreneurship, executing a seasoned CEO pivot, or simply yearning for personal growth and fulfillment, consider yourself covered.

I'm your guide, your cheerleader, and the most optimistic bitch you'll ever meet. Hang out with me, and you'll start to romanticize your life, tossing around words like "vibe" and "manifest" as if they were confetti. Your worth and desires will become crystal clear, and you'll start making a boatload of money in your biz, bringing the dream life you've always craved into reality.

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The abundant, freedom-filled life of your dreams isn't going to be found in that cubicle. It's time for You 2.0.

Every online CEO needs Confidence, Clarity, and Content. These three offers will get you started.

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