" It feels like ME! "

"When I hired Miranda to do my brand kit, I was SO excited, but I didn't expect it to be SOO spot on. My new branding feels like ME! It truly embodies everything I have dreamed of for my brand. I don't know how she does it, but I'm so thankful I found her. I can't wait to blast socials with this new branding and up-level!!"

Is your feed all over the place? The aesthetics just aren't there? Do you need a little help with brand strategy? The Social CEO Brand Kit will help you convert all that juicy content you're creating straight into ca$h.

In today's social media world, vibe and visual identity matter. Don't leave money on the table because people don't associate your business with your content!

And you need a visual brand that matches the sexiness of your biz.

Social media is where the growth is.

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I'm a 25 year old brand and web designer, traveler, singer, dreamer, margarita lover, and boss bitch with some pretty huge goals. Catch me working in front of the TV, in my home office, or from a tour bus traveling down the interstate. No matter where I am, Miranda Leach Collective is pumping out stunning designs for bad ass entrepreneurs.

Meet your brand and web hype girl,
Miranda Leach

The Social CEO Brand Kit

your investment:

What it includes:

Custom font based logo

IG highlight covers based on your new branding

Stunning color palette based on a mood board we create which feels like YOU and your brand!

Custom font options that compliment each other and your brand

I'm ready to do this!


IG/FB story backgrounds and branded sticker elements

one day turnaround time

A full brand guide explaining how to utilize your gorgeous new branding & access to a private Slack channel

Branded IG post and Reel cover templates to be used in Canva

Branding that feels sooo aligned and authentic to your brand and your vibe

Show up as your most badass self anywhere on social media because you have ALL the elements you need

Clients that want to work with you as soon as they land on your IG or FB. They know your vibe and are ready to hit "PAY"

A sexy, luxurious experience from start to finish that makes you believe that magic really does exist 

Confidence in showing up on socials because you KNOW your branding is bomb

The branding of your dreams is just a click away..

You can have it all:

Do I get revisions? How do you get all this done in one day?!

Girlfriend-of course! It's YOUR brand after all! When you click the button to get started working with me on your brand kit, you'll be taken to a payment page, then a scheduling page where you can pick the day we work together. You'll get instructions at that point which will have you do a little homework before our meeting! Once I have your approved HW in my inbox, the day you've chosen to have your Social CEO Brand Kit created will be a day of fun and creation. I'll send you updates and drafts of the items throughout the day, and you can give feedback as we go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will i know how to use everything you provide?

Don't you worry, doll. You'll get a brand guide with every little detail explained! I promise you'll feel like a PRO by the time you look over your personalized guide. And if you need a little extra help? That's what the private Social CEO Brand Kit Slack channel is for! You'll have access to it forever! Hop in there whenever you have a question, and I'll be glad to answer your questions!

What if I need more than just a brand kit?

I got your back! If you're wanting a stunning, custom website AND a brand kit, head on over to the Website in a Weekend page to learn all about creating a brand and website that are as sexy as your biz.
If you're wanting a full brand kit AND you're ready to launch some freebies, worksheets, a course, or maybe you need business cards, flyers, more graphics, etc.... Check out the VIP Design Day page to learn all about the one day answer to your design to-do list!

let's do this!

Take the leap. Trust in yourself. Believe in your growth.
You ARE ready for this.
You DESERVE to have a brand that feels true and aligned.
Join me. Let's dream together and create

Let's brand your biz the way it deserves to be seen.

I'm Miranda (AKA the queen of converting content to cash and making your branding as badass as your biz)!!

Helping female CEOs create a visual brand identity that is aligned and authentic to their soul and vision is kinda, sorta my biggest passion in life.

There's nothing like seeing a boss babe's biz explode once she steps into the branding she was meant to have.

Whether you're looking for a brand kit, a new website, branding for your social media, or a little bit of everything... I've got you babe.

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